Blackstone 360 strives to create landscape defining architecture and imaginative interior design. Every design element is purposefully conceived to convey the spirit of the product, whether it is a trendsetting, urban lifestyle dwelling, a welcoming and nurturing educational facility, or a grandiose and stylish nightclub or bar. Not only do our creations convey an unmistakable design language, but they are also devised with an eye towards constructability and sustainable product usage.

  • Blackstone 360 employs a complete in house design staff, allowing us to cater our designs to our clients’ specific needs and desires. The flexibility of our in house staff allows us to swiftly change design intent and design elements to conform to new ideas without incurring the types of overbearing costs that are associated with most traditional architecture firms. Furthermore, because of our extensive construction background, our architecture and interior designs are created to incorporate maximum efficiency in the construction phase of the project.
  • Schematic designs create the initial framework for any project. This step in the design process includes exterior elevations, interior layouts, and interior focal point drawings. Our designers strive to create out of the box, innovative designs that maximize our clients’ intended functionality for their space and make a strong visual statement in the process. It is during this process that our clients initially visualize how their space will be used and the inspiring image it will relay.
  • Blackstone 360 works with a team of trusted engineering professionals to design the critical infrastructure of our projects. This includes structural engineering, HVAC, electrical engineering, and plumbing. B360 once again strives to employ unconventional methods to achieve more efficiency and functionality, whether that is by engineering a building to add square footage (vertically and horizontally), reusing rock solid infrastructure components like elevator rails and structural steel elements to decrease costs, or by employing the latest high efficiency mechanical systems.
  • No project is complete without the material finishes that bring it to life. During this phase our designers bring together the right combination of finishes to create strong visual intrigue and design intensity without overbearing the onlooker. In addition to making strong design statements, materials are selected based on ease of constructability, as thin brick systems are substituted for traditional brick and pre-fabricated fixtures are used in place of field assembled fixtures. Furthermore, at B360 we leverage our extensive international material sourcing network to deliver high end design finishes at low end prices.
  • Blackstone 360 believes that resource conservation and energy efficiency is critical to the future of sustained development and construction. Thus, we make it a point to use materials and systems that are cognizant of their impact on the environment. These includes using quick time span regenerating bamboo in cabinets and hardwood floors, installing high-efficiency, short line-set length ducted mini-split HVAC systems, and employing high density spray foam insulation.