Trendsetting, Urban Lifestyle

Blackstone 360 strives to develop holistic urban communities that afford a more dynamic, healthier, and serene lifestyle to its inhabitants, across the socio-economic spectrum

Blackstone 360 is a design/build firm dedicated to the redevelopment of American cities. Our credo is to set standards for excellence and to back them with total integrity. We believe in using our expertise in design, development, and construction to build vibrant urban communities that breath life back into previously depressed localities. In doing so we aim to provide the stakeholders in our communities first rate housing to live in, world class commercial spaces to conduct business in, nurturing education facilities to learn in, and resonant retail to shop in. By approaching development from an all encompassing, or 360-degree point of view, we are able to maximize the returns on our initial investments and bring about the largest positive socio-economic change.